Affirmations with your little ones

Children are such interesting and unique little creatures. I knew that diving into this yoga journey meant a lot of positive changes in my daily life. So I suppose it should make sense that my little firecracker, who spends so much time with me, would be along for the journey as well. Here’s just a few ways she’s been joining me for the ride…

I try to do my meditation before she wakes up as it would be virtually impossible with her present. But once she wakes we do a short meditation together. I get her to focus on her breath and pressing her hands together in prayer. She’s able to do this for maybe 3 minutes or so now. Which is actually pretty impressive for a high energy 3 year old.

She watches me do my yoga while she eats her breakfast. And then we do a short flow together with poses she’s comfortable with. (I’ll try to do a separate post on little R’s favorite poses)

But surprisingly, her favorite part of the day is the daily affirmation. We do one affirmation a week which I feel gives her a chance to really focus on it before we move on to another. It’s been truly amazing to see her repeat the statement to herself throughout the day. I’ve also noticed so much more positive energy coming from her. It’s made our days so bright that I had to share some.

Here are 20 great affirmations to begin your child’s day:

I am a loving girl (or boy).

I am honest.

I am a good friend to others.

I am brave and strong.

I am kind.

I make friends easily.

I am a good friend to others.

I am a great sharer. (perfect for 3 years olds!)

I am healthy and growing.

I enjoy learning.

I am calm and relaxed.

I am gentle.

I am good at solving problems.

I love trying new things.

I am a good listener.

I am awesome.

I am loved.

Learning is fun and exciting.

I am joyful and happy.

I am becoming better everyday.

 If you have the opportunity, try affirmations with your kiddos. Starting the day with a positive focus can make amazing changes to your day and theirs! Let me know what you think!

Love & light

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