I am NOT ready!

Yoga teacher training starts tomorrow guys!

I’ve been spending as much time immersing myself in all things yoga, mindfulness and meditation. I’ve been feeling pretty good. I took an advanced level ashtanga vinyasa class and I wasn’t so bad that I stood out among my other classmates. That’s a big comfort for me!

But now, class is tomorrow and I’m feeling nothing but dread. I took my regular class today and I got completely lost during the flow. I forgot which side I needed to be on. I forgot what the next pose was. I just sat there in table top position and I still could not find my way back into the rhythm. I know that sometimes happens. I know that it’s okay and I just needed to find my breath and return….

But it’s not just the one off class making me feel unprepared. I have never left my daughter full time before. It’s a scary thought being away from her for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. She’s my little mini me. We do so much just the two of us.

I know my little social butterfly will be fine. And I know it’s only for 4 weeks and then hopefully wherever I go next, Little R can accompany me. But I still have a sick feeling in my stomach….

Hopefully it’s all just first day jitters and my mini and I will be just fine… but send some positive vibes my way will ya?!

Love & light


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