Dear Present-Day Self…

I know you all are probably wondering how my first week of yoga teacher training went! I wanted write up a full recap sooner, but ughh its been a busy week. Just know that it has been both amazing and exhausting.

Each day we do somewhere between 1.5 to 2 or 3 hours of yoga practice. As well, it has just been a deluge of information. We have analyzed every last inch of our basic poses. Gone over the history of yoga. We had a professor of religion come and discuss the 8 limbs of yoga as well as the fundamental tenets of Buddhism. Discussed cuing and language to use to get your students in and out of a pose. We learned how to assist your students during class. SO. MUCH. INFORMATION.

But I love it. LOVE it. And I finally feel like I’m doing what I’m MEANT to be doing. Which is an amazing and rare feeling.

I will have to come back at another time and elaborate more on the topics covered. But right now I wanted to share a little activity we did on our very first day.

When we first got to class, we were given a journal in order to write and reflect through the process. I haven’t kept a journal since high school, but back when I was a social studies teacher I loved implementing a journal exercise into our morning warmup.

Our first journal task was to write a letter to our present selves from our future selves. We were meant to imagine what kind of advice we would give ourselves. I thought it might be nice to share what I wrote so that if anyone else is going through this training they may benefit or at least be able to relate.

As well, it might be fun to look back on and laugh at…. So here goes:

Dear Present Self,

I know at this moment you feel overwhelmed. There is a lot of information to be covered in a very small period of time. Remember that this is type of situation that you thrive in! You will get there.

I know that you are questioning whether or not you will find your place, whether you will be able to find an opportunity to teach, whether you will be good at this. Remember that you had the same questions and doubts when you began your original teaching certification. You will find a place, and you will feel forever grateful for this journey.

Try not to waste too much time pondering and worrying. Enjoy the experience. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the adventure of the unknown.

Don’t worry so much about what you will be doing after training. That is a problem for a later time. Just know that you will acquire all the knowledge and tools you will need to move forward. Take a deep cleansing breath. It will all work out. I know it.


Future Self

I’m really hoping that my imaginary future self is right! I guess time will tell. What do you think? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Love & light


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