Private Sessions, Power Flow, and Prenatal… Oh My!

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Hey guys!!!!

I know… I know…

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog. I taught my very first class a few weeks ago. It was such an amazing experience. So many of my friends came to be a part of it. I feel so overwhelmingly grateful.


Since then, I’ve just been busy interviewing for more classes (why not?), teaching classes, and taking classes.  There’s this huge gigantic world of yoga out there and I’m so excited to learn and try it all.

I’ve also been faced with so many options as to how I want to teach and what kind of yoga I want to teach. I had never given much thought to private yoga lessons before I got my certification. It didn’t seem like something I would ever be willing to pay money for… But then again, I’ve been practicing yoga for years. I had a close friend point out that it would be nice to have a teacher you feel comfortable with show you how to do the poses and help with form and alignment privately. And then once you’re comfortable, you can venture into public classes with confidence. It makes a ton of sense.

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I do remember the anxiety of attending my first yoga class. I remember feeling unsure about the poses and whether my form was right. I remember being SO self conscious about my lack of flexibility. I would have loved to already know what I was doing before I was put in that position. So of course I would absolutely love to help others in that way!

Now for the task of turning our playroom into a home studio! More on that later….

ALSO I signed up for a prenatal yoga certification course which I am so SO excited about. So often during RYT training I would realize how beneficial yoga would be throughout pregnancy AND after. So, I’m incredibly thrilled to learn more and help fellow mommies. I didn’t practice any yoga while pregnant and man… do I wish I did.

So far I’ve developed a serious love for restorative yoga. I love all the ways yoga can heal the human body. My first class was restorative and I have a recurring spot teaching yin style restorative.

BUT, I’m trying to be careful to stay well rounded as an instructor. So I also teach a heated flow class. Students are often surprised when I’m instructing a more energetic and challenging class. They’re accustomed to my gentle school teacher voice for restorative yoga. But I become a different person when I’m instructing my heated flow class. I WILL KICK YOUR BUTT! In the best way possible.

If you’re in the Houston area, I would LOVE for you to check out one of my classes! Contact me for info!

Love and Light, 


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