A very late post Harvey update


Hey there everyone! I apologize that I haven’t written in a while. I continue to find myself apologizing for taking so long to write a new post. It’s only because I’ve been SO BUSY!

I’m sure you are now aware of the disaster in Houston following Hurricane Harvey. I have been hesitant to write about it because I think I was still processing and the awfulness was too fresh.

My family and I came out of the storm relatively unscathed. We had some roof leaks that were extremely minor compared to the devastating damage and flooding others have experienced.

The entire ordeal was still very scary and stressful. Keeping a small child inside for almost a week when they don’t understand the reason was difficult. It rained heavily for days and days and the rising water kept us trapped inside our home. At the most intense night of the storm, we had the lake behind our house encroaching our back yard (there is usually about 20 feet of space between us as well as a walking trail) Water was also waist deep in the street in front of our house and was quickly creeping up the front yard and driveway. As we sat watching news reports of nearby families being rescued by boat, we rolled up our downstairs rugs and moved as much furniture as we could upstairs. We packed bags and went to sleep that night prepared to evacuate quickly if necessary and leave our home to flood.

As dawn broke the following morning, we rejoiced to find that the rain had begun to slow and the waters had slightly receded. Little did we know that the water slowly draining from our home had to go somewhere. I had never given much thought to the Houston drainage systems until Harvey. The high waters left our neighborhood and quickly filled nearby reservoirs. These reservoirs then began to overflow and flood even more homes that had previously stayed dry.

It was an awful thing to witness. So many friends and acquaintances lost everything. My heart still breaks for those that are still picking up the pieces of their former lives.
If there was one bright spot in all the awfulness, it was the outpouring of support from the community once the storm was over. It was heart warming to see how many local residents came out to volunteer, donate, and even open up their homes to those affected. Houston truly is a strong city and our response to the disaster only proved this. Shelters filled quickly with needed supplies and helpers lined up to serve others.

I won’t drag on with the details but I’m including a list of ways you can help if you feel called. Every little bit helps and there are so many people out there that still need assistance. I also want to acknowledge the equal devastation to Florida, Puerto Rico and other areas that were hit by hurricanes later in the weeks that followed.

Since life is finally calming down, I’ll be releasing a handful of blog posts this week. The next post will be more fun and positive. You know I like to keep things balanced…. see what I did there? (Yoga humor)

Love and Light,



P.S. Here’s that list I mentioned…. Okay it’s really just a few links of lists that other sites put together! Sorry, I’ve been busy!



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